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Michael Allen International Confectioner Introduces The Vegan Gluten Free Canelé
                   Chef Michael Allen brings to you the first of it's kind. 100% Vegan, 100% Gluten Free Coconut Almond Canelé.
Vegan and gluten free Canelé from Michael Allen International Confectioner. Bordeaux in Brooklyn
Michael Allen has been fond of and known for Canelés since his opening of Desserts by Michael Allen on Fulton Street Brooklyn NY. Many Vegan and Gluten Free request always came up for desserts. For Michael vegan desserts should have some nutritional value and not just subsitutes of flavor. pure almond milk, pure coconut milk with bits of coconut, toasted almond and rice flour. Who would have imagined a taste better than the classic it self.
"You don't have to be Vegan to Eat Kool Like That!"