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Chocolate Truffles From Michael Allen International Confectioner
Apple Strudel hand pulled at Desserts by Michael Allen.
Peanut Brittle and Almond Brittle from Desserts by Michael Allen.

Michael Allen's Cookies & Confections
As some of you may know The Desserts by Michael Allen brand of pastries and confections were just a skip and a jump from the fine dining experience of desserts.  Were not tossing away style or great taste, just providing an all day anytime reason to be with us. Casual, everyday style food made from fresh ingredients from local farms and businesses  makes our menu reminiscent of Mom's home baking.
Brittle Cookies and Cakes

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Re-inventing Casual Desserts and Treats

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brings you back to BASICS.
Deseerts and Confections in Brooklyn from Michael Allen International Confectioner.